Helping Clients Overcome Domestic Violence

Family violence remains a surprisingly common problem in Virginia. It ruins marriages, traumatizes children and leaves lasting physical and emotional scars.

At DeFazio Bal, we are fierce advocates for domestic violence victims. We are proud to help people obtain protective orders, which we then use to help them leave dangerous situations and end toxic relationships. In these matters, the safety of victims and their children is our top priority.

There Are Three Types Of Orders

The court process can take time — an asset that many domestic violence victims simply don't have. Thankfully, there are three types of protective orders with differing durations and differing requirements for implementation. The first is meant to immediately respond to danger, while the next two provide medium- and long-term protection.

Emergency protective orders (EPOs) — These can be requested by a domestic violence victim or a law enforcement officer and are issued by a judge or magistrate. They are commonly requested after a domestic violence arrest, but an arrest isn't necessary. EPOs are quick to obtain, but they expire after 72 hours.

Preliminary protective orders (PPOs) — After an act of violence, abuse or the threat of either, a victim can obtain a preliminary protective order by submitting specific forms and making a sworn statement to a judge. If the PPO is granted, it will be in effect for 15 days or until a full hearing is completed. The alleged abuser will need to be legally served notice of the hearing.

Protective orders (POs) — A protective order can be obtained only after a formal hearing, at which both parties have a chance to be heard. If the victim does not attend the hearing, the PPO is canceled and the protective order is not granted. If the alleged abuser does not attend, a judge can still issue the PO, which stays in effect for up to two years.

Our attorneys are ready to help you obtain a protective order against a violent spouse or significant other. And if we represent you in a divorce or family law dispute, we will ensure that evidence of the protective order is submitted to the court and used to bolster your case.

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