Things You Need To Know If You're Heading For Divorce

At DeFazio Bal, we have over five decades of combined experience in guiding clients through divorce. As such, we have been able to observe patterns and mistakes that clients commonly make, ones which can significantly impact their case or their life during and after divorce.

If you are feeling lost and overwhelmed in new territory, you're certainly not alone. Hopefully, the following tips will help give you some confidence as you begin the process.

Facebook And Social Media Use

We live in an age of oversharing. But you should know that talking about your divorce or any other family law matter on social media can actually hurt your case.

Attorneys (including us) regularly mine Facebook and other sites for evidence related to finances, personal behavior, new romantic relationships and parenting decisions. The best thing you can do during divorce is to avoid posting or sharing anything on social media sites. At the same time, we will investigate whether your spouse or co-parent has information on his or her pages that could bolster your case.

You can read more about this on our divorce and social media page.

Get A Grip On Spending And Finances

Divorce almost inevitably requires major changes in your financial habits, because your income and expenses will change. You may be going from one residence to two and from two paychecks to one. Transportation costs and other expenses may go up if you are sharing custody with your estranged spouse.

Because there are so many financial challenges associated with divorce, it is wise to rein in discretionary spending as much and as quickly as possible.

How Much Debt And Credit Do You Have?

Most Americans don't take a hard look at their finances until they encounter a problem. If your spouse generally takes care of bills and budgeting, you may not even have a rough sketch of your financial picture.

If you are headed for divorce, it is critical to educate yourself about your family's finances and dig into the details. This information will not only be relevant during property division, but it could also reveal problems that need to be immediately addressed, such as secret spending by your spouse.

When you work with our firm, our skilled divorce lawyers will guide you through the meticulous process of financial inventory, and they will help you discover overlooked assets and debts as well as those your spouse may be trying to hide. But the more information you know going in, the easier this process will be.

Discuss Your Legal Needs In An Initial Consultation

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