3 Tips on Living with Your Ex During the Divorce Process

Not all people can afford to move out and leave their marital homes whenever they're in the process of divorcing. This type of situation can usually be incredibly difficult because the divorce might bring up feelings of resentment, anger, and grief, and these emotions are often best dealt with away from the source. However, if one spouse is unemployed, or cannot muster enough savings to move out of the home and pay for a divorce attorney, both spouses might need to live together until one of them can afford to move. Here are 3 tips for how to cope if you find yourself in this situation.

Tip #1: Establish Routines

For couples who don't want to speak to each other more than they have to, establishing a standard routine is essential for avoiding awkward conversations and arguments. If both of you have jobs, you know when you typically are at work most of the day. When you get home, maybe one of you likes to watch TV for a couple of hours, while the other can go to a bar with coworkers. Whatever you enjoy, make sure to stick to a predictable routine so you can do your best to stay out of each other's hair.

Tip #2: Be Civil

You may be furious with your spouse right now. However, whether or not they caused the divorce, it actually makes your life much easier to act like a civil person. You don't have to be nice to your spouse during this process; instead, treat him or her as you would a stranger. Be polite, don't create fights you don't have to, and don't be insulting. This manner of behavior can prevent you from spending too much time fighting with your spouse, and potentially traumatizing your kids, when you could be doing something more enjoyable.

Tip #3: Develop a Plan

Most people in this situation aren't there because they want to be. During a divorce, most couples would probably want to live apart, if only to grieve in private. Those who do find themselves in this situation lack the financial resources it would take to find a new apartment and move out. The best way to progress is to develop a basic timeline for continuing to move on with the divorce, rather than staying in limbo indefinitely. Make a list of what you need to do to afford to move out, whether that's getting a new job or saving money.

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