Dating While Going Through a Divorce - Is It a Good Idea?

Divorce can be an emotionally taxing experience and many often cannot wait to move on. While it might seem like now is the perfect time to do exactly that, dating before your divorce is finalized is generally a pretty big mistake and can have a wide range of consequences on the outcome of your settlement. Of course, dating can be tempting, especially since many tend to feel lonely or are simply trying to feel better about themselves. However, holding off on reentering the dating pool is one of the wisest and most responsible choices you can make.

Here are some reasons why you should postpone dating until after the finalization of your divorce:

  1. Things can get messy: Divorce is already somewhat of a contentious process, particularly if there is a lot of resentment and hurt feelings between you and your ex. Even if the decision to divorce was mutual, it is possible that your dating habits might upset him or her, which might draw out negotiations, leading to a more expensive and time-consuming divorce.
  2. Err on the side of caution: You might feel ready to date again, even eager, but there are a plethora of reasons why you need to sit back and take your time until the divorce papers are signed. Among these reasons is your emotional well-being. The fact is that this is a tumultuous and vulnerable time for you and rushing into something now might lead to some serious regrets later. Also, you should consider the fact that your divorce will take up quite a bit of time and attention, which will make you less able to devote your energy to a new relationship.
  3. It can impact your settlement: Dating someone prior to the finalization of your divorce can be used against you in a number of ways as you hash out a settlement. Firstly, if you have children and your new partner is part of their lives, it is imperative that you know his or her history. If this new love interest has a criminal past, your spouse could easily use this in a child custody battle. Second, if you and your new partner live together, this could impact your chances at spousal support, which could either be reduced or eliminated.
  4. Some more consequences to consider: If you share children with your ex, fostering a good co-parenting relationship will be important. Dating so early might make him or her feel very hurt or angry, which will set a bad foundation for your future as co-parents. To ensure the relationship stays cordial and civil, you are going to have to be considerate of your ex-spouse's feelings. This will also help facilitate a smoother divorce process that is not fraught with anger and bitterness. A less heated divorce will mean less time and less money, so try to be patient and focus on the bigger picture.

Divorce Attorney in Midlothian

At DeFazio Bal, our Midlothian and Glen Allen divorce attorneys understand the difficulties of divorce and are committed to providing quality representation to our clients during this emotional time. Whether you were just served with papers or are simply in the discussion phase, our legal team is here to support you.

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