Important Documents Your Attorney Will Need for Your Divorce

If you are getting divorced, there are documents that you will want to keep in a safe and secure location. The last thing you want is for your ex to take off with important documents once you serve them with divorce papers. Below, we give you a list of documents that you should find and make copies of before you serve your spouse.

  • Marital & Separation Agreements: Collect any marital agreements that you have with your spouse. This includes prenuptial, postnuptial, and separation agreements that the two of you have entered into. If your marital agreement is from another state, make sure to get multiple copies.
  • Monthly Expense Bills: Gather receipts for mortgage payments, rent, car payments, utility bills, and loan payments that you have made during your marriage. You should get the statements for your credit card accounts and minimum monthly payments.
  • Tax Returns: Your lawyer will want to review your tax returns for the past two years. Make sure to get a copy of your spouse's tax returns if the two of you file separately.
  • Employment Pay Stubs: you will need proof of your income, so keep the pay stubs you have from work for the last two years. You will also want to get financial statements for any bonuses you have received from your employer. If you have other forms of income besides your job, such as rental property or oil and gas leases, you will need to gather evidence for these sources of income as well.
  • Debts: You will need documentation if you have debt from loans that you have taken out on your own or with your spouse. Make copies of documents that show the joint debt liabilities you and your spouse have.
  • Real Estate Documents: Copy the title to your home and other real estate documents. You will want copies of your mortgage agreement, lease agreement, promissory note, and other real estate-related financial statements.
  • Document the Property You Own: Make a list for all of the property that you own. You should include things like furniture, artwork, jewelry, clothing, dishes, books, rugs, and other types of home furnishings.
  • Retirement Documents: Once you know you will be getting divorced, you should obtain statements for your 401K, ESOP, pension plan, and any profit sharing benefits you are entitled to. You should make copies of your spouse's retirement documents too.
  • Business Documents: If you or your spouse owns a business, you will want copies of any documents that can attests your ownership percentages.
  • Estate Planning Documents: If you have created a will or trust, or assigned power of attorney or health care directives, you will want to make copies of these agreements.

The more documents you have prepared, the easier it will be for your attorney to handle your divorce settlement.

Do you need help preparing for your divorce? Contact our team of Richmond divorce attorneys to schedule a case consultation today.

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