Perhaps an uncontested divorce would be your best option

Even if you have discussed your current marriage situation with a trusted friend or family member, you're the only one who truly knows, deep down, the fullness of your reasons for wanting a divorce. Like all good parents in Virginia, you are most concerned about helping your children cope and move in life in a healthy, productive manner with as minimal emotional scars as possible. As such, you might want to learn more about how to file an uncontested divorce.

There are numerous ways to obtain a divorce in Virginia. If you or your spouse contest, there is likely going to be weeks or months of litigation ahead, which can definitely intensify the emotional stress that children typically experience under such circumstances. An uncontested divorce, on the other hand, has several advantages, one of which might be that it would no doubt be emotionally easier on your kids.

Additional benefits of uncontested divorce

Life in 2020 is busy in most households, especially if you have children in age groups where they are able to participate in outside activities. You might spend a majority of your so-called free time driving them to sporting events, practices, after-school clubs and social gatherings. Therefore, your time is precious, right? The following list includes common advantages Virginia spouses cite as reasons to choose uncontested over contested divorce:

  • It takes less time. It's logical to assume that if you and your spouse choose to litigate your divorce, it is going to take a lot longer to resolve each and every issue in court than it would to amicably discuss and negotiate your own settlement plan.
  • The less time you spend in court, the less money you have to spend. Uncontested divorce is typically much less expensive than litigation.
  • Not contesting can help promote a peaceful relationship with your ex. The fewer hard feelings, the better, especially because witnessing co-operation between parents helps children cope.
  • While you might choose to talk about your divorce with loved ones or close friends, there is no need to make it public. An uncontested process allows for much more privacy than litigation, which takes place in a courtroom and is therefore a matter of public record.

If you and your spouse agree to avoid confrontation, there's no reason you can't devise the terms of your own child custody agreement, discuss property division issues and customize your divorce settlement to meet your immediate needs and ultimate goals. You can talk things out, peacefully resolve any issue of disagreement, and then seek the court's approval for your plan.

If a problem arises

Securing an uncontested divorce doesn't guarantee you will never encounter legal problems in your post-divorce lifestyle. Any number of issues can arise that you may not feel equipped to handle on your own. This is why it's also important to know your rights and to become familiar with the types of resources that are available in your community that you may access if you're having trouble resolving a particular issue.

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